10 Quick Tips to Promote Employee Wellness In The Workplace

When it comes to fostering and retaining your employees, job duties and pay only go so far. Many employees want a job that supports their overall wellness. This means it is time for employers to start looking at other elements of the work environment that can make or break an employee’s experience.

Work-Life Balance

Employees exist outside the office. Employers can better support employees on the job by supporting them off the job as well. Promoting policies that encourage a healthy work-life balance can make employees happier and more productive.

Natural Lighting

No matter what your office decor is, you can instantly promote wellness by opening the windows. Natural light has documented positive effects. Employees who work with natural light have better moods, boosted energy levels and increased productivity.


If employees spend most of their time at desks, then those desks better be comfortable. Therefore, invest in ergonomic chairs and desks. You could even look into standing desks for employees who want them. This is not an issue of comfort. Ergonomics keeps employees healthy.

Gym Memberships

Healthy employees are happy employees. They are also employees who take less time off and remain productive. Health experts recommend regular exercise, and you can help your employees get that exercise with gym memberships. Some companies put gym facilities in the building, but you can also work out contracts with nearby gyms.

Healthy Food

Most employers provide employees with some access to food. If your employees only have access to junk food, then you might expect some junk performances out of them. Instead, try to stock your office with healthier alternatives to promote wellness across the board.

Engender Relationships

Your employees will feel more connected to their jobs if they are connected to other employees. Make sure you support bonds between employees. Offer time for team building. Encourage recreational employee clubs. A sense of belonging is critical for wellness.

Add Life

Literally, you should add life to the office. Just by putting plants around, you can provide employees with additional positive stimuli. Plants make people feel more relaxed, which can encourage better performance from your workforce.

Better Break Rooms

Most offices have a break room, but most break rooms are pretty depressing. Make sure your break room is truly inviting. Get some comfortable seating, and provide some entertainment. Video games, televisions, books and puzzles are all great ideas.

Temperature Control

The office thermostat can have a big impact on employees. Not all your employees want the same temperature, which makes things tricky, but you should respond to feedback. If most people think it is too cold or too hot, then make a small adjustment in the name of employee wellness.

Charity Events

Being connected to a wider community provides a purpose. You can foster this in your employees by getting involved with charities. Give your employees opportunities to work together for charity events. There are plenty of fundraisers, marathons and more to consider.

Bringing Work To Life

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