5 Key Platforms to Boost Your Business’s Productivity

One of the key ingredients in a company’s recipe for success is productivity. With that said, it’s critical for businesses to adopt practices that allow them to increase their efficiency. One surefire way to boost production is by employing technology tools. Unfortunately, many are reluctant to take advantage of these implements because they don’t know how to navigate them. Fortunately, most platforms are user-friendly and equipped with convenient tools, making it simple to utilize modern advancements. If you’re looking to increase your brand’s productivity, below are some tools worth exploring.

Microsoft Office

With software like Microsoft Office, you can streamline communication between you and your team. What’s more, you have the ability to choose who sees what. In other words, you can conceal sensitive information while keeping involved parties informed. Google Docs is a similar apparatus, and it enables users to consolidate data on one platform.


With so many meetings being held digitally these days, Zoom makes video conferencing a breeze. Thanks to its intuitive interface, users seldom experience confusion or frustration. Everything is straightforward, which bodes well for hassle-free meetings and increases productivity. With both its audio and video features, Zoom delivers a convenient, safe way to discuss business affairs.


To ensure that teams work cohesively, project management is a must. With assistance from project tracking software, you can monitor your progress, stay organized, and foster collaboration. Asana, Basecamp, and Trello are all top-notch applications that project managers endorse. Not only were these tools designed with business needs in mind, but they were also strategically developed to promote partnership. With tools like Asana at your disposal, you can effortlessly track your progress while finding creative ways to improve your operations.

Google Drive

It’s imperative for companies to know where their documents are being stored. Equally essential is managing this information. With platforms like Google Drive, you can retrieve data and protect it. Safeguarding delicate information is of paramount importance, which is why file storage services are so highly sought-after.

With Google Drive, it’s possible to host your data on non-specified servers. This added level of security will not only bring you peace of mind, but it’ll also guarantee that confidential information isn’t breached. While Google Drive is a viable option, Dropbox, iCloud, and Microsoft Drive are also suitable contenders. Industries that require ample security are encouraged to use enterprise-grade technologies.


Maintaining an ongoing relationship with customers is crucial. In business, there are few things more important than tending to customer relationships. However, doing so is no simple task. CRM software is designed to breathe simplicity into managing these partnerships.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management company that many are fond of. Included with custom features and unbeatable functionality, Pipedrive takes the difficulty out of keeping up with clients. While using this cloud-based CRM system, you’ll discover how simple it is to reach out to customers, manage your profits and losses, and build stable connections.

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