5 Pitfalls That Hinder Coworking Productivity

Many people suffer from the isolation that working from home creates, and coworking spaces are an ideal solution with many other benefits. One of these is improved productivity. If you plan to join a coworking community, though, make sure that you avoid these five pitfalls to achieve your productivity goals.

  1. Not Sticking To A Schedule

No matter what type of business you run, not having a schedule or consistency will hinder your productivity. In fact, it’s the reason why business hours exist in the first place. Although coworking gives you much more flexibility than a traditional office space, you shouldn’t exploit that benefit.

For example, prolonging client meetings or phone calls can have a domino effect that delays other co-workers. While delays can happen sometimes, it’s unacceptable to be off schedule all the time. Managing your time is crucial when you book shared workspaces.

2. Selling Your Services yo Co-workers

As a business owner, you want to take every opportunity to make your product successful. However, coworking spaces aren’t good places for sales pitches. Other independent professionals in the shared workspace are working hard like you, so you don’t need to take up their time by selling your services. If you do, they might pit you in the same category as telemarketers, a no on really likes those calls.

3. Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

Dozens of people might use a coworking space every day. When they arrive throughout the day, they expect the space to be clean and ready for them to work. The last thing that they want is to spend their time cleaning up after others. For that reason, you should make sure that your space is tidy when you leave .

Similarly, you should avoid eating smelly foods in a coworking environment. For example, heating fish in the community microwave will leave a unique smell that could bother others. Before you take your lunch or dinner with you, think about how it may affect others.

4. Inconsiderate and Distracting Behavior

Nothing kills productivity more than distracting and inconsiderate behavior . If you need to take a phone call that’s unreleated to work, for example, step into the hallway or outside. When you work in a group, don’t make so much noise that you disrupt others who are using the space too. If you like to listen to music while you work, use headphones, and don’t hum along with the tune.

5. Not Checking Bandwith Capability

One of the most important elements of productivity is a reliable internet connection. This is particularly true for online businesses, so you should check out the internet service that a coworking community uses before you become a member. While a fast wireless connection is great, that connection needs to be strong and steady in order for you to get work done.

Coworking spaces can be very beneficial for independent professionals and small businesses alike. Just remember to respect your co-workers and follow the rules of the shared workspace.