7 Simple Habits That Can Improve Your Well-Being

You might talk about making changes in your life to improve your overall health & well-being. However, the goals that you set may be unrealistic and unachievable. Instead, the key to meeting goals is starting with small steps. Every little change that you make will go a long way over time. You can start by implementing some of these simple habits into your daily or weekly routine.

1. Keep a Morning Routine

Following a consistent routine each morning is a great start toward transforming your well-being. It can anchor your underlying biological rhythms, which eases the transition between your wake and sleep cycles. As a result, you’ll fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly at night. The consistency also makes your mornings less stressful.

2. Drink More Water

Your body is made of up to 60% water, so it’s a nutrient that your body needs in order to function correctly. However, your body loses water while you sleep. Although small amounts of it is present in the foods that you eat, drinking water in the morning and throughout the day is the best way to replenish it. With proper rehydration, your body can function and metabolize efficiently.

3. Stand and Move More

If you sit for a large part of the day, you need to take regular breaks to stand and move. Your body is designed for regular movement, so sitting for too long has a negative impact on your work performance and quality of life. In fact, sitting for long periods hurts your cholesterol levels and increases your risk of having a heart attack. Make sure that you stand every hour, and move for at least 30 minutes every day.

4. Spend Time Outside

According to research, simply being present in nature can lower your levels of cortisol and other stress-inducing hormones. For the biggest benefit, spend at least 20 minutes outside three times a week. You can consolidate this habit into the 30 minutes of movement every day if you need to save time.

5. Turn Off Devices

In order to take advantage of your time outdoors, turn off your devices. Without the screens, you have a chance to engage with others and be present in your surroundings. You can experience the benefits of unplugging during other times of the day as well.

6. Meditate and Take Naps

Did you know that meditating for just 20 minutes can improve your focus & well-being? This habit can enhance the ability of your brain to detect mistakes so that you can avoid them. Additionally, taking a nap for just five minutes a couple times per week can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can increase your alertness and clear your mind to help you focus too.

7. Bathe Before Bed

Along with maintaining a morning routine, having a bedtime routine can help you get a good night of sleep. When you take a warm bath or shower one or two hours before bed, it increases circulation from the core of your body to your feet and hands. The result is a decrease in your body temperature that makes you fall asleep faster and more soundly.

If you stick to these simple habits, research finds that you can add more years to your life and decrease your overall health well-being. You don’t have to implement all of them if you can’t handle them all. Instead, pick up a few that resonate with you and are easy for you to maintain.

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