7 Steps for Standing Out on LinkedIn

Though once a platform for overaggressive job seekers, LinkedIn has evolved into a reputable social media network where young professionals and established businesspeople can live in harmony. With the growing popularity of this employment-oriented online service, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. If you’re looking to give yourself an edge over the competition, here are some tips on how you can establish a prominent LinkedIn presence.

Offer Content That Packs A Punch

While wholesome content has its place on the internet, your LinkedIn profile should offer more than team photos and lists of professional accomplishments. To appeal to audiences, go against the grain. As a result, you’ll spark interest and evoke an emotional response. However, don’t intentionally rub people the wrong way. Otherwise, you’re liable to leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

Find Your Audience

Your LinkedIn profile should cater to a specific community. By identifying what audience you’re trying to reach, it’ll prove easier to engage viewers. In essence, find your niche. Not only will this make you a standout in your desired community, but it’ll also allow you to reel in like-minded individuals.

Unleash Your Personality

Contrary to popular belief, it’s simpler to be yourself than someone you’re not. With that said, don’t shy away from your true colors. The more personal you are, the more charming you’ll seem. People take kindly to transparency, so take advantage of this opportunity to let your personality shine. With some intimate anecdotes and personal stories, you’ll reveal who you really are.

Include Videos

Currently, LinkedIn is thriving as a text-based platform. With that in mind, you’ll undoubtedly stick out if you post videos of yourself. You don’t need cutting-edge equipment to get the job done. With your phone’s camera, some LED lighting, and a microphone, you can produce a quality video with ease.

Be Consistent

If you aren’t active on LinkedIn, you’ll fail to get noticed. To ensure that your profile doesn’t get overlooked, post videos and articles throughout the week. Before long, this will turn into a habit, and you’ll have no shortage of content to provide. To hold yourself accountable, create a schedule.

Engage With Your Peers

Making connections is a surefire way to please LinkedIn’s algorithm. In other words, by starting discussions and interacting with others, LinkedIn is more likely to promote your profile. For optimal results, don’t leave generic comments, limit yourself to resharing posts, or begin each conversation the same. Instead, take the time to create meaningful moments.

Make Your Headline Pop

Your headline can make or break your success on LinkedIn. As the first thing profile visitors read, your headline should effortlessly captivate audiences. So long as you don’t oversell yourself, you’ll attract the appropriate people. A concise overview of your experience and qualifications will do the trick.

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