Black Business Entrepreneurs in Miami

Miami’s entrepreneurial landscape is growing by leaps and bounds. Spearheading these developments are Black trailblazers. As these Black business entrepreneurs continue to unleash their pioneering abilities, here are some up-and-coming names to look out for.

John D. Saunders

The brains behind Kiddie Kredit, 5Four Digital, and Black Illustrations, John D. Saunders is touted as a serial entrepreneur. Recently, Saunders developed blackwallet. This resource serves as an outlet for urban millennials who are looking to hone their financial literacy. With his commitment to empowering minority youth groups, Saunders is inspiring change one novel idea at a time.

Shakeia Kegler

Using the four years of knowledge she gleaned while serving in the Navy, Shakeia Kegler decided to use her unique insight to promote inclusion in government supply chains. In 2017, Kegler launched GovLia, and this platform encourages governments to implement diversity programs and initiatives. Kegler’s noble efforts have earned her tremendous industry recognition.

Evan Leaphart

Alongside Saunders, Evan Leaphart helped create Kiddie Kredit. This mobile app shows children the importance of financial responsibility, the power of job performance, and the significance of establishing credit. In essence, Kiddie Kredit helps kids build good habits by teaching them real-life lessons. Leaphart also brought an entrepreneurship collective called Black Men Talk Tech to life.

Temanté Leary

In addition to being an adjunct professor and the CEO of Class Updates, Temanté Leary is also the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech. When he and Leaphart joined forces, they set their sights on giving Black men in the tech industry a much-needed platform to meet like-minded individuals. Fortunately, Black Men Talk Tech has succeeded in doing just that.

Samella Watson

For 10 years, Samella Watson worked as a hotel manager. During this experience, Watson saw room for improvement in several areas. As a result, she established Sebiya. This all-in-one software platform aims to reduce costs, improve task management, save time, and enhance the guest experience. Since its inception, Sebiya has proved advantageous to hoteliers and vacation property owners alike.

Marlon Williams

With decades of experience under his belt, Marlon Williams has mastered the art of software development. Qubicles, a blockchain application, is his latest venture. This decentralized marketplace allows contact centers to connect with talented agents with ease. Simply put, Qubicles makes it simpler for call centers to satisfy their ever-evolving workforce needs.

Kadion And Tennyson Preston

Eager to better serve Caribbean communities, Kadion and Tennyson Preston founded CaribShopper. Best described as a premier destination for Caribbean goods, CaribShopper underscores the urgency of creating all-inclusive markets. Thanks to this ambitious sibling duo, suppliers can meet growing demands for Caribbean products.

Ryan Robinson

Best known as the founder of Conduit, Ryan Robinson has keen insight into quantum engineering. Thriving as the world’s first collective computing platform, Conduit breathes clarity and efficiency into complex computing problems. With its revolutionary features, Conduit taps into a network’s computing power by resolving issues in a more timely and flexible manner.


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