Blog Topics That Generate More traffic

Whether you’re a private blogger or producing branded content for a business, your main objective is to increase traffic. After all, the blog can only grow if its readership expands. One of the best ways to attract more traffic is by choosing better topics. No matter how clever and insightful your writing may be, you won’t obtain readers if you’re addressing topics that nobody cares about.

Choosing blog topics is a serious challenge. Sometimes, it’s hard to know which specific subjects would interest potential readers. Here are seven simple strategies that will make choosing blog topics a little bit easier.

Keyword Research

One of the best ways to choose blog topics is by researching the keywords that users are searching for online. The concept here is relatively simple. You want your blog to appear on search engine results pages, so you might as well see what people are looking for when they use those search engines. There are many keyword research tools available that will show you the latest trends.

Google’s “People Also Ask” Section

Whenever you search for a term on Google, the search engine provides you with a “People Also Ask” section. These related questions show what users tend to search for alongside the term you’ve searched for yourself. If you’ve already got a blog topic in mind but you’re looking for more, try searching for a keyword related to the topic. Then, you can use the questions in the “People Also Ask” section to inspire additional posts.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great tool for learning what questions people are asking online. The site is remarkably simple. All you have to do is enter a search term, and the platform will display hundreds of associated questions from real people. You can then use these questions to determine the topic of your next blog post.

Blog Comments

Sometimes, the best strategy is simply to give the people what they want. If anyone has commented on your blog posts with questions or requests for additional information, you can reply in the form of a separate post. It’s likely that the comment represents a question shared by other readers, and you’ll receive plaudits for responding so directly to your users.

Content Hub

You can keep readers on your blog by creating a set of linked posts centered around a single topic. First, write a central post that outlines the topic. Then, compose additional posts that explore certain aspects of the theme in greater detail.

Viral Posts

If you respond to current events in real time, you could get lucky and see a post go viral. Pay attention to what’s happening in the world around you, and try posting material that directly relates to an important event in popular culture.

Start a New Trend

Creativity remains central to the blogging process. Try to come up with new formats, topics, or approaches that other bloggers would be interested in copying. If you successfully start a trend, you’ll attract a considerable amount of traffic and raise your blog’s public profile.

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