Follow This Entrepreneur’s 3-Step Approach to Cultivating a Killer Brand

Business and branding go hand in hand, but do companies truly grasp the art of advertising? According to Jonathan Jadali, the CEO of Ascend Agency, the simple answer is no. With his years of experience and unmatched expertise, Jadali’s discovered that a brand isn’t a tangible thing but rather an emotional bond between consumer and company. Building rapport and creating a connection are the main ingredients in this recipe for success, but Jadali maintains that this process is highly involved. It’s for this reason why he’s established a three-pronged approach to creating a brand that can stand the test of time.

Find Your Why

At the core of every prosperous brand is a lovable soul. Jadali believes that a brand’s soul is defined by what makes it tick. Once you’ve identified your driving forces, infuse them into every aspect of your business. As a result, you’ll develop a more intimate relationship with your clients. Though this concept is simple, Jadali warns that it’s challenging to make a lasting impression on consumers.

However, Jadali suggests that authenticity will inevitably breed results. In other words, if your intentions remain honest, your heart stays open, and you honor integrity, you’ll eventually uncover your motivations. As your company continues to grow, reflect on these motives. They may adjust over time, but as long as you fulfill your company’s purpose, success will automatically follow.

Bring Value To The Table

In business, every action carries significance. It’s for this reason why you need to regard every marketing tactic, campaign strategy, and promotional effort with paramount importance. Otherwise, your audience will notice your lackluster attempts, resulting in disapproval and distaste. In all that you do, hone in on how your actions will impact your consumers.

With their feelings at the forefront, you can effortlessly develop client-driven formulas and solutions. What’s more, with an active and enthusiastic presence, you can guarantee that your customers will avail themselves of your goods and services. Above all else, you’ll want to keep an ear to the ground so that you know when concerns or doubts arise. Being privy to this information will allow you to shift your operations and, in turn, offer more valuable products, services, and resources to your consumers.

Inspire Loyalty

You get what you give, and this notion rings especially true when it comes to loyalty. In essence, when you demonstrate your devotion to your clients, you can expect to receive the same in return. With a cult-like following, you’ll become an invaluable asset to the business domain. Best of all, you’ll earn an established reputation in your trade. To promote this level of faithfulness, find out what your audience has in common, emphasize these similarities, and build an image around your discoveries. When consumers feel seen, heard, and appreciated, it bodes well for repeat business. Not only will this make customers feel acknowledged, but it’ll also allow you to tap into your target demographic

Bringing Work To Life

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