FORUM in Coral Gables Magazine

FORUM was recently featured alongside founder Rishi Kapoor in Coral Gables Magazine article titled “Innovator: Rishi Kapoor, Reinventing The Shared Workspace – And Luxury Living”.

By its very nature, the phenomenon of shared or “co-working” space is innovative, providing low cost for startups and flexibility for larger companies. Rishi Kapoor, launching his Forum co-work space during the pandemic, took the concept to the next level.

Kapoor’s Gables-based firm Location Ventures purchased an office building on Alhambra, retrofitting the ground floor with a state-of-the-art co-location center. It then populated the upper floors with business support service firms in marketing, accounting, it, social media, law, etc. In other words, Kapoor vertically integrated the business model, literally as well as functionally.

“We are trying to innovate what real estate can be for an entrepreneur, and using the latest and greatest technology,” says Kapoor, who is also using smart engineering on the residential side. His firm’s new Villa Valencia condominium on the edge of downtown “is bringing technology to luxury real estate,” he says, with circadian lighting, air purification and water filtration standard in every unit. Likewise, every seat in the Forum center comes with private, dedicated, secure internet connectivity with videoconferencing equipment fir the new world of Zoom and free access to video forums that provide mentoring symposia and tutorials.

Ultimately, says Kapoor, the Forum replicates what Coral Gables has to offer: A dense cluster of professional services and resources. “It’s a complete business ecosystem here,” he says.

FORUM Your Workspace In Downtown Coral Gables

FORUM offers various membership levels from hot desks to private suites created to suit the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and enterprise businesses. Contact us today to learn more about your membership opportunities and to schedule a tour to view our space and amenities by emailing [email protected] | 305-203-5006

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