FORUM In Coral Gables Magazine

FORUM Miami was recently featured in Coral Gables Magazine article titled “Time to Re-Brand?”.

From the article:

Entrepreneurialism in the Gables is alive and well but the city could be getting a larger share of new ventures.

Real-estate developer Rishi Kapoor was clearly onto something when he launched a co-working space in downtown Coral Gables in late 2020.

Some of the tenants are new to the area. They’ve come from the U.S Northeast or the Pacific Coast since Covid-19 surfaced, lured by lower taxes, warm weather and the buzz around South Florida’s booming eco-system of tech and finance companies dubbed the “Miami Movement.”

“We have people in Forum and our building who are relocators from New York and California. It’s a real migration story due to our business climate,” says Kapoor. “And we’re in the early innings.”

Kapoor certainly embraces the Gables for his upscale business. The UM grad recently moved the headquarters for his real-estate company, Location Ventures, from Coconut Grove to Coral Gables. That office now employs about 45 people. He was drawn to the city by its safety, walkability, restaurants, cleanliness, proximity to the airport, easy access to highways, and its pro-business environment.

Indeed, he touts those attributes to sign up tenants for his downtown Forum co-working space, including one company fresh from California and active in venture-capital. “There’s so much upside,” says Kapoor, optimistic about the future for business in the Gables. “It’s called the City Beautiful for a reason.”