FORUM in South Florida Business Journal

FORUM was recently featured in the South Florida Business Journal, featuring new photos of the space and some insight on what’s to come at Coral Gables’ most exciting workspace!

The Forum coworking space has opened in Coral Gables with a host of private office suites designed to keep people productive and safe.

Developed by Location Ventures, the Forum occupies about 9,000 square feet on the first floor of 275 Alhambra Circle. About 90% of the space is private offices and the rest is common areas, including conference rooms, a break room, and a kitchen, said Rishi Kapoor, CEO of Location Ventures.

The coworking space was granted a temporary certificate of occupancy in early October, Kapoor said. It’s nearly 50% leased.

“Obviously, you don’t dream about opening during the middle of a pandemic,” Kapoor said. “My expectation is it will take the next year to get to the leasing targets we have.”

Fortunately, the Forum was designed with mostly private offices where it’s easy to socially distance, as opposed to wide-open workspaces and cubicles. The space has 80 seats between 30 private offices. There is two cleaning staff on hand at all times to wipe down common areas after they are used.

Many of the new tenants at the Forum are from established companies that realized they don’t need larger office space, only a small office, and dedicated meeting space, Kapoor said. There are also solo professionals, such as architects, who got tired of working at home and decided they want a small office.

The Forum charges $800 per member for a monthly lease. That includes a private office, internet, and business support such as marketing, accounting, administrative functions, and business coaching. The company offers a lower rate for a longer-term lease, Kapoor added.

It also offers virtual memberships with mail service for $99 a month and virtual-plus-meeting-room memberships for $150 per month. These are gateway products for companies that are transitioning back to the office, Kapoor said.

Location Ventures isn’t done with its work at 275 Alhambra Circle. It will build a market with sustainable and locally sourced foods, Kapoor said. In early 2022, the developer will start renovations on the other four floors of the building to create a coworking space with an emphasis on art studios, technology incubation, and business enterprise.

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