FORUM Virtual Memberships in Allwork

FORUM was recently featured in Allwork article titled “Virtual Coworking Offers a Safe Solution” highlighting the benefits of coworking in today’s climate.

From the article:

Working in an office may be the last thing some workers want to do. Professionals who may have once used dense coworking spaces could be even more hesitant. So how can operators continue to serve their community without putting them at risk?

Virtual coworking is a new trend among operators that provides members with access to Slack channels, virtual happy hours and other online events. Another instance of limited workplace usage is WeWork creating a program that allows people to book their workspaces hourly or daily at any location.

“There is still some uncertainty about long-term office space needs and with the start of remote schooling keeping parents at home, not everyone is ready to commit to a traditional coworking membership,” said Rishi Kapoor, CEO of Location Ventures and owner of coworking brand Forum.

At Forum, a virtual membership starts at $95 per month and members have access to an online portal that allows them to continue networking with their community, use the company’s business address, offers mail handling services and more. For $150 per month, members can receive business coaching and consulting.

Read the Allwork article HERE