How a Solopreneur Can Avoid Loneliness

Despite all of the benefits of solopreneurship, one of the main downsides is loneliness. Being a solopreneur means that you often work long hours alone. Unlike working in a traditional environment, you have no co-workers to share ideas or take breaks with.

Even if you like having time to yourself, you could start to feel lonely. According to research, weak social connections and loneliness are worse for your health than some diseases. Rather than give up solopreneurship for your health, there are a few things that you can do to avoid getting lonely while you work.

1. Join a Coworking Space

Taking your work to a shared workspace is one of the best ways to prevent loneliness as a solopreneur. The reason is that it’s an open working environment where you can connect and discuss challenges with others. While this doesn’t sound productive, having the chance to converse with like-minded individuals has a positive effect on your work ethic and performance.

Also, it presents opportunities for you to collaborate with co-workers and network among other professionals in your industry. As a result, joining a coworking space can help you grow your business further. However, you don’t have to work in a coworking space more than two or three days a week unless you want to.

2. Keep a Routine

In general, humans like to have a routine, and keeping one can support your success as a solopreneur. If you do freelance copywriting and editing, for example, you might write better in the morning than any other time of day, except for on Mondays. However, you may edit well at any time.

In this scenario, you should maintain a routine that involves writing in the morning, taking a break for lunch and then editing in the afternoon. Don’t forget to sprinkle short breaks in between tasks to avoid burnout. On Mondays, you could edit for most of your workday, which would be a good day to spend at a coworking space.

3. Attend Networking Events and Conferences

Meeting other professionals in your industry gives you the chance to expand your client base and build relationships with contacts. You can do that by attending networking events, conferences and workshops.

Since many cities and business centers host local events, you don’t need a big budget and don’t have to travel to network. On top of that, meeting contacts for afternoon coffee or a relaxed lunch every once in a while can help you maintain those relationships.

Joining your city’s Chamber of Commerce can be a great way to network with professionals in different industries and stay connected in your local community as well. The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce for example, hosts several networking events each month and even free online virtual webinars. 

4. Join an Online Community

When you aren’t attending networking events in person, you can spend time in a virtual community. There are thousands of online chat rooms, forums and other communities. Joining one is a great way to stay connected with people and is better than not talking to anyone for long periods of time.

You might even gain valuable business insight and advice from other solopreneurs in your industry. If you’re struggling with something, you can ask them for feedback and ideas.

No matter what kind of work that you do, you don’t have to be alone just because you’re a solopreneur. By implementing these tips, you can maintain a healthy work life.

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