How Smart Personal Branding Can Make You an Expert in Your Niche

The best entrepreneurs understand the importance of developing a strong personal brand. Establishing yourself as a true expert with unique insights will help you earn respect within your field. It will also bring more attention to your present and future businesses. No matter where you go in your career, you’ll always be able to take your personal brand with you.

Developing a personal brand requires establishing yourself on various platforms. It’s a long, arduous process, but the payoffs are worth it. Here are five first steps for anyone looking to position themselves as an industry expert.

Use Traditional Media to Your Advantage

Traditional media outlets have cachet and an existing audience. If you can get local newspapers and radio stations to mention your name, you’ll increase your profile and give your personal brand additional clout. Reach out to media organizations with ideas for stories. Let them know you’re an expert in your field and ask them to get in touch if they ever need your input. Eventually, these efforts could lead to a prominent appearance in the media.

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media lets you bypass traditional publications to interact directly with users. Instagram is an especially useful platform because you can use hashtags to target members of your industry with eye-catching content. Try posting every day, and don’t worry about the initial lack of engagement. As long as you stick with it and reply to the people who do respond, you’ll eventually amass a sizable following.

Publish a Blog (And Pursue Subscribers)

Blogging is a fantastic way to get your ideas out into the world without having to impress the editors of a traditional publication. Even if you’re not comfortable creating your own blog, you can use a site like Medium to post interesting content. As you post, make sure you create a list of subscribers. Emailing these noted fans can help you build an even tighter community around your personal brand.

Contribute to Popular Blogs Related to Your Industry

There are probably already plenty of sites and blogs posting about your industry. Writing for one of these sites is a great way to raise your profile and give yourself some credibility. Just don’t make the mistake of targeting the biggest sites right away. Smaller blogs are more likely to give you a shot, and you’ll have the chance to build a portfolio before pitching larger publications. As your work is published, make sure you update your bio accordingly. People will take your personal blog more seriously if they see you’ve written for publications they respect.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts have become a major force in the contemporary media landscape, and they give entrepreneurs a brilliant way to deepen their personal brands. You can host a weekly show for free, and you never know how big your audience could ultimately become. Even if you struggle to create polished content at first, try to keep at it. Speaking is a difficult skill, but you’re bound to improve with hard work and patience.

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