How To Boost Productivity Through Fast Decision Making

Productivity is at the heart of success. Unfortunately, many are unaware of how to master the art of efficiency. While you can search online for productivity tips, tricks, and hacks, fast decision-making is a surefire way to increase your output. This governing guideline allows you to work smarter rather than harder, and it also ensures that you don’t spend unnecessary amounts of time mulling over an idea. It’s one thing to understand the concept of quick decision-making, but it’s another to apply this practice. Here’s how you can make more efficient, informed decisions and, in turn, boost productivity.

Catch Enough Z’s

Research shows that sleep deprivation negatively impacts our ability to make decisions. Without adequate sleep, you’re more likely to question your judgment, which slows down your decision-making. What’s more, though you may be taking longer to reach a decision to compensate for your lack of sleep, that doesn’t guarantee that the result will be favorable. In other words, intentionally slowing down your decision-making doesn’t automatically bode well for an ideal outcome. With that said, it’s critical to establish a healthy sleep-wake cycle to avoid compromising your senses.

Set A Time Limit

One critical component of decision-making is impulse. Mel Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker, maintains that if you don’t act on an impulse within five seconds, the window of opportunity will close. To prevent these moments from passing you by, Robbins recommends making concrete decisions within mere seconds of an impulse coming to you. This limited time frame may seem unforgiving, but it’s an excellent way to respond to gut instincts and encourage rapid decision-making. Robbins warns that this can be tricky at first, but if you don’t hesitate, great things await.

Let The Coins Decide

If you’re particularly indecisive, a coin flip will do you good. You certainly don’t want to leave monumental choices up to randomness, but trivial matters can be decided with a simple toss of a coin. Most importantly, you want to listen to your intuition when the coin reveals either heads or tails. If you’re dissatisfied with the result, go in the opposite direction of where the coin is leading you. By deviating from this path, you’ll wind up right where you belong. This clever trick may sound elementary, but it’s proven highly effective in connecting people with their inclinations.

Be Cautious When Asking For Help

In some cases, two heads are better than one. On the other hand, sometimes there can be too many cooks. It’s up to you to decide when assistance is warranted. If you choose poorly, you may end up prolonging the decision-making process. Moreover, if you begin to rely on others, the decisions you make may not be your own. Whatever you decide, go forward with confidence. If you encounter setbacks along the way, it’ll prove a learning lesson that will lend its hand in future decision-making.

Bringing Work To Life

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