How To Make Your Copy Persuasive 

Persuasive copy is often the key to winning new customers and maintaining the customers you have. If your writing is sufficiently engaging and convincing, you’ll gently nudge your readers to take the desired action. Creating this type of copy is certainly doable, but it requires a particular mindset and adherence to a few cardinal rules. With the right strategy, you should have no trouble producing the type of content that wins people over and helps you grow your business.

Grab the Reader’s Attention

First and foremost, your copy needs to grab and maintain the reader’s attention. Before you can successfully convince people to take the desired action, you need to make sure they’re really focused on what they’re reading. You can keep the reader engaged with a few simple techniques.

For one thing, you need to make your writing as concise as possible. Nobody has the time to read a meandering treatise, and readers will abandon the page as soon as they feel you’re getting off track.

It also pays off to be fresh and original. Internet users have no interest in reading the same article twice. If you’re writing about something that might be familiar to readers, you should get creative and do whatever you can to present the information in a novel way. By making it new, you’ll surprise and delight your audience.

Build Trust With the Reader

You’ll never convince people to take the desired action if you come across as an untrustworthy source. Only by showing the reader that you’re a sincere, genuine authority will you gain their confidence.

There are all sorts of little tricks for demonstrating your trustworthiness to the reader. Try to be open and personable in the text, letting the full force of your personality shine through. When you show yourself to be a real person, you set yourself apart from impersonal brands.

You should also be on the constant lookout for ways to prove you’re a real authority on the topic at hand. If you’ve got certain credentials backing up your opinions, let them drop naturally without boasting. Use data where you can to give your arguments an objective bent. Draw on outside experts who align with your position. Casually mention prominent brands or industry insiders who have worked with you in the past. All of this will show readers that you’re worthy of their attention.

Include a Convincing Call to Action

Once you’ve caught the reader’s attention and convinced them to trust you, it’s time to elicit the desired action. By including a call to action that’s simple, direct, and urgent, you can maximize the power of your copy.

Your call to action should ask readers to do something simple, something they can tackle right away. It should also use direct action words, verbs phrased as obvious commands. By using the power of language to create a sense of urgency, you can inspire your readers to react.

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