Office Space Is A Game Changer For Small Businesses

With the pandemic bringing unprecedented disruptions to workplaces around the country, many small businesses have had to adapt to the reality of remote work. Video meetings, virtual events, and cross-country working groups have all become mainstays of the business landscape. While many companies and workers have adjusted admirably to the changes, there are still elements of traditional workplaces that are painful to do without.

Mastering the intricacies of Zoom and creating the perfect workspace might allow you to make the most of remote work, but some benefits of a real office are simply irreplaceable. As the pandemic subsides and in-person work becomes increasingly manageable, lots of businesses will eagerly turn back to a more traditional model. With so much to gain from having a central office, you should consider moving your own company into a physical home.

The Importance of Coming Together as a Team

While team members can share information, connect on video, and collaborate on projects while working remotely, they miss out on the intangible benefits of actually coming together to work as a unit. With no shared experiences to bring them together, remote workers are likely to see their collaborators as distant strangers rather than true teammates. This lack of personal connection makes every step of a project harder, from the initial ideation right down to the final execution.

Working From Home Can Bring Unwanted Distractions

Without a shared office space to work from, many workers are left making important calls and completing vital projects in less-than-ideal circumstances. Some are forced to call into team meetings from crowded, noisy cafes, while others are interrupted by passing trains or knocking neighbors. An actual office provides everyone with the space they need to efficiently collaborate and do their work.

You Need the Materials and Space to Get Things Done

No matter how well you’ve mastered the computer programs that make remote work possible, there are still some materials you won’t be able to recreate in a digital setting. Whiteboards, meeting rooms, and copy machines have been central components of offices for years because they’re simple and effective. Working without these essential pieces of equipment can make it harder for a business to operate smoothly. A return to a real office will allow your company to stock up on the supplies that increase efficiency across the board.

There’s No Substitute for Face-to-Face Interactions

There’s an intimacy and an efficiency to in-person encounters that video calls and messaging apps simply can’t replace. Hand gestures, eye contact, and body spacing are all essential components of typical face-to-face interactions. Denied these tools through a remote working culture, you and your team will find it harder to make the types of connections that businesses count on for success. With a physical office making real meetings possible, you’ll have an easier time collaborating on projects, securing clients, and making deals. Sometimes, a timely pat on the back or a reassuring smile can make the difference between success and failure.

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