Productivity In the Time of Crisis

It seems like there’s never been a more resourceful time than now when there’s Zoom meetings, webinars, Netflix, and virtual workout sessions all at your fingertips. So many opportunities, but also so much pressure to stay productive! The feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real during this strange time where life is slowed down but sped up all at the same time. 

When we were living our normal routines, it can feel like nothing important happened unless it’s open for likes, comments and resharing on social media. And even now, since we’re missing out on in-person connections, the pressure to comment, post and participate in everything is all-encompassing. 

Reframing Productivity to Priorities 

But let’s look at FOMO in a new way. FOMO underlines the importance and value of being present. Remember that we’re living through a global pandemic and a financial crisis; we are going through a collective trauma. Feelings of profound grief, loss, panic over livelihoods, panic over lost lives and anxiety for the future are completely normal and expected during this time. 

As wellness experts and business leaders will tell you, sit with those feelings and honor what you need. Forget all the pressure to like, tweet, watch, read and accomplish everything on your long and probably growing to-do list and instead focus on the priorities. Doing so will keep you present and grounded through and better prepare you to face tomorrow. 

Honor Your Priorities

Secure Your Primary Needs

Focus on securing food and household essentials, adjusting your home to accommodate work and exercise, and checking in on your family and friends. While your phone and computer can be your friend by helping to provide information and entertainment, it can also be your foe by overwhelming you with noise from your community. Let go of all of the preconceived notions you have about what you should be doing right now. Know that you are not failing. Adjust your feeds if needed to control the content you see.

Changing Mentality

If you’ve never experienced a disaster before, allow your mind time to shift so you can resume a higher level of productivity. Also, progress is not always linear. You may experience setbacks and moments of anxiety and despair. This is normal. Abandon performing for yourself and others, and embrace your authentic needs. You may find that increased reflection and introspection can translate into creativity for your work and personal life. 

The New Normal

Stick to a routine, accommodate an area in your home solely dedicated to research and work. Start with the easy tasks and work your way through to the most difficult. Support your team and community during this time and create spaces for honest conversations about everyone’s progress and setbacks. Find solidarity in numbers.

The pandemic will end, of course the big question is “when”. Instead of framing this experience as temporary, ask yourself how the lessons you’re learning now can make you more compassionate and resilient when we come out on the other side. 

Stay Well Informed 

For information about the Coral Gables community, read the latest update  issued by the city of Coral Gables, here. For more information on the virus and local efforts, please visit the Florida Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control for recommendations, updates and the latest news.

FORUM official statement on COVID-19.

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