Proving Your Worth: 8 Tips for Asking for a Raise

To make the most of your career, you need to fearlessly advocate for yourself in the workplace. A big part of self-advocacy is asking for a raise when you know you deserve it. While doing so can often seem overwhelming, it’s always easier when you have all the facts on your side. That’s why you should always prepare yourself before entering into a pivotal conversation with your boss. Here are eight tips to keep in mind the next time you ask for a raise.

Research Typical Pay in Your Industry

The average pay for someone in your position is the first piece of data you should lay your hands on. This is the information that will give you a general impression of whether or not you’re getting a fair shake. It will also provide the thrust of your argument when you make your case to your boss.

Avoid Making Assumptions

While the average pay in your industry is an important figure to consider, it’s not the only thing affecting your pay. There may be other factors at play, from your lack of experience to the cost of living in your region. Make sure you take these possibilities into account and adjust your argument accordingly.

Ask Your Manager About Your Career Path

Even if you can’t receive a raise immediately, it still makes sense to discuss possible career advancement with your manager. Make your ambition clear, and explain that you’re willing to do what it takes to increase your pay.

Accept a Non-Linear Career Path

Some folks deny themselves opportunities because they’ve set their sights on a single career path. Even if you can’t land the managerial position you’re after, you might still be able to earn a raise by taking on extra responsibilities or shifting to a different department. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your options open.

Think Beyond Money

The dollar amount on your pay stub isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to career advancement. Enhanced benefits or increased paid time off can also bring about meaningful improvements to your life. If your negotiations bring about these types of non-monetary offers, don’t dismiss them without ample consideration.

Don’t Hold Off On Difficult Conversations

Asking for a raise might not be comfortable, but it’s an important part of working life. Some folks get trapped in a stagnant employment situation because they keep putting off this difficult conversation. Try to be bold and take the initiative as soon as you can.

Be Your Own Advocate

Many people feel awkward hyping themselves up, but you’ll have to stand up for yourself if you want to get ahead. If you know you add value to your company, speak up to make your worth clear to your manager.

Be Prepared to Look for a New Employer

Be honest in your judgment of your current employer. If you feel you would be treated better elsewhere, don’t let inertia hold you back. It’s a free market, and you should go wherever you can to maximize your potential.

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