Seminars and Webinars to Win Clients: What You Need to Know

Seminars and webinars allow you to naturally connect with potential clients. However, if you want your seminars and webinars to be successful as a business tool, they need to be structured and executed properly. Here are five simple steps to make sure you are getting the most out of your seminars and webinars right now.

1. Simple Branding

Everything you do should be a part of your brand. This includes your seminars and webinars. In this light, brand your seminars carefully. Keep the name simple. Choose your topics concisely. Pick one challenge to address, and develop your content around that singular focus.

Clients should know from the title who will benefit from this seminar. For example, consider a direct title like “The Power of a $10 Million Investment.” This speaks directly to high-end clients. By contrast, a vague title like “When Will Your Investment Double?” is going to create uncertainty as to your audience.

2. Real Content

While you may want to use seminars and webinars as marketing tools, you have to remember that they have to be actual educational outlets. Your sessions should be inherently valuable to clients.

Set up your sessions with a clear problem. Once you define a problem, explain why you are qualified to address the problem. Then, you should always solve the problem. Before you finish, be sure to open up the session to questions.

3. Make It Actionable

If a seminar or webinar is going to build a relationship, then you need to give your clients access to the next step. Always make sure your content is concluded with a call to action. This call to action should encourage clients to move forward.

Maybe give clients the chance to schedule one-on-one follow-up meetings in the week after your seminar. Tell participants that they can email you for additional documents to supplement their training. These are clear and simple actions that can help clients make that next step.

4. Invest in Professionalism

As you design your seminar or webinar, keep quality in mind. You want your session to look like a high-end, professional presentation. After all, this seminar is a part of your brand. These webinars are how clients will remember you.

If you are not sure how to create a professional-looking seminar or webinar, there are tools to help. You can hire someone to help you design your slides and handouts. You can also use attractive templates that are easy to develop.

5. Keep the Connection Alive

Finally, capitalize on your connections. Be sure to follow up. This can be as simple as a thank-you note. Send out follow-up emails. You can even call clients up personally. Put clients on an email list to keep them informed about future seminars or webinars.

A single session can be enough to hook some clients. For others, the seminar or webinar is just the next step. Look at the session as a stepping stone, and do your best to keep building out the relationship for long-term success.

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