TEDx Miami Salon Recap

On June 23rd, FORUM had the opportunity to sponsor the TEDxMiami Salon event at Le Rouge lounge in Wynwood. This installment of TEDx focused on Miami’s regenerative and distributive economies. The event featured panel discussions from educators and community leaders on the migration of technology companies and their true effect on the citizens of Miami.

Mission Zero: Can We Build Miami’s Regenerative and Distributive Economy

The panel raised the question of growth in Miami and whether or not the actual implementation of capitalist growth strategies in a city or community is equally beneficial to everyone involved. Panelists such as David Kelley, professor of economics at the University of Miami, and Rebecca Fishman Lipsey from the Miami Foundation argued on the side of “pro-growth”, saying that the overall growth of cities and even the country provides long term opportunities for all. They praised the new technology migration and had high hopes for its influence on Miami’s future.

A counterargument made by the other panelists challenged the idea that capitalist growth helps everyone, and claimed strongly that it only benefits the wealthy. Panelists such as Livio Zanardo (Code for South Florida), Erick Gavin (Black Innovation), and Phillip Agnew (Smoke Signals Studio) disliked the technology migration to Miami and argued that it only helps out of state entrepreneurs looking to Florida as a tax refuge. They claimed the movement hardly recognizes Miami’s local technology community and instead prioritizes the interests of the business class. 

This lively debate proved that Miami still has a long way to develop as a city and as a beacon for technology and cryptocurrency. Conversations such as these, however, bring important issues to light and allow for multiple points of thought to be shared. FORUM was happy to sponsor the TEDx Miami Salon and bring vital community-building discussions to the public.

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