The New Normal at the Office

Ready to get back to work? In this time of COVID-19, there are many approaches to heading back to the office. Whether you work in a private office, a corporate park or a coworking space, rest assured there will be new ways of working. Here are six ways that office spaces and work habits will change: 

1. More Space: In accordance with CDC guidelines, most offices are reconfiguring the amount of space between workstations and office capacities to be six feet at minimum. This will definitely mean less side conversations with coworkers and colleagues but on the bright side, more elbow room!

2. Social Distancing: Don’t expect to head back to an office full of chatter around the water cooler, meetings of ten at the conference table and happy hours in close quarters on Fridays. Social distancing is still in full effect so make sure to be aware of personal space and stay aware, stay back. 

3. Greetings: Miami is well known for our friendly way of greeting family, friends and work colleagues with hugs and kisses. While hugs, handshakes and besitos may be gone for a while, it doesn’t mean friendliness is cancelled. Reinvent the fist bump, lock ankles or greet each other with a namaste bow. The possibilities are endless but intention is the same! 

4. Masks: Masks are a new normal for safety reasons and there’s no doubt that office spaces will be requiring the use of face masks for staff and guests. But masks don’t have to be boring! Support Miami designers and show off your style by purchasing locally-made masks or do a little DIY to make yours reflect your style. Safety with style is always the safe bet. 

5. Cleanliness: Cleanliness, now more than ever, is the highest priority amenity in public spaces. Reports show office buildings increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces, something we are committed to at FORUM. And we aren’t forgetting the signs! Expect to see signage to direct staff and guests to proper pathways and serve as a gentle reminder of proper office etiquette including proper handwashing, wearing masks and when to wipe down your workspace. 

6. Tech Makeover: At FORUM, we’re implementing no-contact software and applications so that staff and guests are able to use their phones to check in and our seamless system allows members to go online, make requests and maintain communication and productivity while reducing friction points. More than before, this is the opportunity to take advantage of technology that allows everyone to stay connected. 

Your Workspace in Downtown Coral Gables

As we navigate this time together, FORUM is here for you. An elevated workspace in Downtown Coral Gables, FORUM offers various coworking memberships created to suit the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and enterprise businesses. From hot desks to private suites, business support and more, FORUM is ready to support our community in these times. Contact us to learn more [email protected] | 305-203-5006.