Virtual Events in Miami That Will Help You Stay Connected

The Pandemic may have put a pause on in-person events, but it has since created many digital opportunities to get involved. Virtual events and webinars provide great ways to stay up to date on business and news in your local community. Just because you can’t meet in person, doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Here are some business events and programs in Miami that you can attend virtually: 

LDV Vision Summit ( February 11th)

LDV Capital hosts its 7th Annual Vision Summit on February 11th! Learn about groundbreaking visual technologies and how they can advance your business from top technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Register now, to discover new business opportunities and experience inspiring keynotes and panel discussions. 

BizWomen Mentoring Monday (February 22nd)

Meet your next mentor with the South Florida Business Journal! BizWomen Mentoring Monday allows businesswomen from all across South Florida to network with each other. Join in on February 22nd, to meet great women mentors in a fast-paced, coaching atmosphere all on Zoom. 

Top 10 Lessons on Repeatable Sales (March 3rd)

Brought to you by the Idea Center at Miami Dade College, this webinar teaches entrepreneurs how to build a repeatable sales model for their business. Learn how to target the correct channels for acquiring new customers, create strong messaging, and build a consistent sales approach to keep your business successful. 

eMerge Americas Conference (April 26th)

On a mission to make Miami the next tech hub, eMerge Americas partners with tech companies, governments, and organizations from around the world to host one of the country’s largest entrepreneurial conferences. This two-day virtual event brings together speakers and experiences to launch Miami as a gateway to the Americas. Attend on April 26th-27th, to network, collaborate, and learn with other professionals in the technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

A Workplace of Support 

FORUM has an extensive program built to support members at all stages of their business. From administrative support to workshops with industry leaders, members have access to a plethora of unique business conveniences curated to help you grow. Contact us today to learn more about your membership opportunities and to schedule a tour at [email protected] | 305-203-5006