Why Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Delegating Effectively

Delegation is a powerful skill. For entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business, delegation is absolutely essential. Yet this skill is rarely discussed, and very few people cultivate it. This is because delegation goes against the nature of most entrepreneurs.

Just think about it. Entrepreneurs make their own success. They build their own brand. The intensity of such a mindset runs counter to the idea of delegation. Most entrepreneurs would prefer to do something themselves. This ambition is powerful, but a lack of delegation can hold them back.

Many entrepreneurs cannot see the truth about delegation. Delegation is about focus. If you are able to have others do some of the lesser tasks in your business, you would have more time to develop the critical issues. Too many entrepreneurs spend their time on entry-level tasks instead of real priorities. This is a waste of time and money. Plus, in the long-term, doing it all yourself is not practical. You may be able to run all elements of your small business now, but what happens when it grows? You need to start delegating today to grow tomorrow.

Fortunately, not all is lost. Most entrepreneurs are not naturally good at delegating, but it is still a skill that can be developed. To get started, you must be able to identify what is holding you back. Here are several of the main disconnects for entrepreneurs when it comes to delegation.


In too many cases, entrepreneurs do actually delegate, but only when they have no other choice. This reduces the efficacy of delegation, and it identifies delegation as a panic-mode response.

Short-term Outlook

Delegation should be a long-term growth tool, but most entrepreneurs fixate on the short-term implications. Delegation serves as a stopgap to get through a day. This means that delegation helps you survive, but it rarely helps you grow the way it should.

Poor Instructions

Many entrepreneurs do not delegate in a way that yields actual success. Instead of providing clear instructions, they often fall back on ambiguity. If delegation is not accompanied by a clear delineation of the task, then it is very difficult for anyone else to complete the task effectively.

Ineffective Workers

Delegation also requires two effective parties. When you choose the wrong person to take on your delegated tasks, the results are insufficient. You must assign tasks to others who are equipped to complete that particular task. That requires entrepreneurs to both understand the task and their employees.

Lackluster Follow-up

Entrepreneurs also forget that delegation is an ongoing process. You cannot assign a task and forget about it. You must follow up with employees to see how the task is developing. Delegation requires a system of verification in order to yield results.

Delegation is like any skill. Even if it is not your strength, you can build up your capacity for success. Start small, and learn your weaknesses. With a proactive mindset, you can improve your delegation skills and your business model with each task

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