8 Easy Ways to Master Your Elevator Pitch

Marketing yourself in a concise, captivating fashion is a surefire way to find success in your endeavor. This advertising strategy is known as an elevator pitch, and with some insight, you can master the art of this promotional technique.

Keep It Short

An ideal elevator pitch should take you no more than one minute to deliver. In other words, it should be around 150 to 250 words. The idea is that you should be able to market yourself in the time it takes to ride an elevator. With that said, you want to keep your elevator pitch short, sweet, and straightforward.

Say It In A Mirror

Though your elevator pitch may look good on paper, you won’t know how strong it truly is until you say it aloud. While saying it out loud, you’ll be able to see if the flow is right and if it’s conversational. However, be sure that you don’t practice too much. Otherwise, it’ll sound rehearsed.

Convey Your Passion

You want your passion to be evident in your elevator pitch. Don’t downplay your ambitions, and make sure that you’re sincere in what you say. If you fail to express your enthusiasm, your elevator pitch likely won’t be memorable or engaging. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, think about what makes you tick.

Edit To Your Heart’s Content

The first version of your pitch certainly won’t be the last. Once you’ve drafted up your spiel, edit it ruthlessly. As a result, you’ll weed out all the impertinent information. With an elevator pitch, you want to get down to the brass tacks, which is why it’s essential to revise your work to perfection.

Omit Industry Jargon

Though you may be versed in your industry’s lingo, others might not. You want to know that your message is being heard loud and clear. With that in mind, skip any jargon that’s specific to your profession. This will guarantee that you and your audience remain on the same page.

Highlight Your Qualifications

Above all else, you want your elevator pitch to showcase your strengths. Fortunately, there’s a way of doing so without coming across as arrogant. With a little subtlety, you can talk about your assets while circling back to what your aspirations are. This delicate dance will allow you to brag humbly without turning others off.

Note Your Experience

Though this doesn’t have to be the biggest portion of your pitch, you should mention your experience. Not only will this show that you’re capable, but it’ll also let others know that you take pride in your professional accomplishments.

Ask A Question

The perfect finishing touch to any elevator pitch is an open-ended question. In addition to keeping your audience intrigued, it’ll also inspire them to get engaged. With some lively conversation, you can extend your elevator pitch without even knowing it.

Bringing Work To Life

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