FORUM 40: A Conversation with Lillian Ser

With an impressive two decades of experience under her belt, Lillian Ser is a seasoned attorney of tremendous insight. Corporate, business and real estate law are her primary areas of expertise, but with her vast skills, Lillian shows incredible proficiency in many fields. With her knack for legal affairs, Lillian established her own law firm in 2009. Aptly named Ser & Associates, Lillian’s boutique law firm proudly provides small clients and mid-size businesses with cost-effective legal solutions. As the founding managing attorney of a successful law firm, Lillian is proof that with persistence, endurance, and pluck, anything is possible. For more insight into the life of this daring entrepreneur, continue reading.

Can You Tell Us A Little More About What You Do?

At Ser & Associates, Lillian seeks to deliver personalized services that promise a hands-on approach. More specifically, she offers general counsel services to employers, developers, private individuals, startups, and not-for-profit organizations. From mediation and trusts to government contracting and employment law, Ser & Associates is versed in many domains. With that said, thanks to their dynamic team of industry professionals, Ser & Associates is equipped to fulfill an assortment of legal needs. Lillian’s extensive know-how contributes significantly to the firm’s success, and with her at the helm, Ser & Associates continues to thrive.

What Motivated You To Create Ser & Associates?

Thanks to her diverse work experience, Lillian’s evolved into a well-rounded attorney. Lillian served as an in-house general counsel for years, and she believes this opportunity allowed her to diversify her skills and, in turn, start a law firm. The knowledge Lillian acquired as a real estate attorney also enabled her to pursue this entrepreneurial endeavor. While assuming this role, Lillian was responsible for assisting residential and commercial clients with real estate transactions. Commercial leasing, land use, and zoning were some other areas she was involved in. Throughout these different junctures, Lillian gleaned enough wisdom to prime herself for the position she holds today.

What Does A Normal Day For You Look Like?

As a fast-paced, bustling attorney, no two days look the same for Lillian. Fortunately, she thoroughly enjoys the variety that comes with her job. On most days, you’ll find Lillian helping clients start a business, buy a business, purchase real estate, or assisting them with employment matters. She also frequently mitigates corporate and contract issues. Perhaps the best way to describe what a day in Lillian’s life looks like is to provide an example.

Recently, Lillian took on a client who was trying to get out of a lousy service agreement. While representing this client, Lillian spoke with a lender about closing on a house for another client. She simultaneously discussed trust and estate needs with a business owner and even managed to find time to research zoning classifications for some property that a buyer was looking into. Lillian’s ability to wear many hats speaks to her excellence as an attorney.

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