How Tech Companies Are Enticing Employees Back to the Office

As the world slowly returns to a new, post-pandemic normal, companies are struggling to lure their workers back to physical workplaces. While workers managed to accomplish a lot from their homes, employers are still eager to benefit from the cohesion and team-building that shared office space provides.

Unfortunately, many workers aren’t sure they want to return to the former status quo. In response, companies are offering employees unprecedented perks. Fun activities like concerts and fitness sessions will make the return to the office more enjoyable, helping employers and employees alike set the tone for the new hybrid dynamic.

Employees Are Sometimes Reluctant to Return

While the pandemic has been challenging for people around the world, many office workers have also grown accustomed to the conveniences of working from home. Skipping the commute, wearing pajamas, and tossing the laundry in the dryer while talking with a client all bring significant advantages. To get workers excited about coming to the office once again, employers are having to get creative.

Making the Office Fun

For many of the country’s biggest technology companies, the key to attracting workers is making the office experience as fun as possible. That’s why they’re investing heavily in the types of activities that seem more appropriate to a music festival than a day at work. By enhancing the office experience with these types of events, companies hope to reconvene a physical workforce and boost productivity.

Live Concerts

Some companies have decided to give their returning employees a melodic welcome. Google, for example, had pop star Lizzo perform for workers at a nearby amphitheater. Microsoft, meanwhile, kept it local with small-scale performances from Seattle-based bands.

Hobby-Based Classes

Technology companies understand that workers want to enrich their lives beyond their professional concerns. That’s why Microsoft offered employees a set of free classes on creating terrariums. This might seem like an odd, random topic, but it provides just the sort of recreation that modern workers crave.

Group Fitness

Staying active is important for mental and physical health, and companies are doing what they can to keep their employees moving. Fitness classes give everyone at a company the chance to let loose, blow off some steam, and temporarily forget about professional concerns. When workers return to their desks after a workout, they’re likely to feel energized and refreshed.

Transportation Options to Ease the Burdens of Commuting

Commuting is one of the worst aspects of in-person work, and companies are doing what they can to ease the burden. Google has been taking a particularly strong stand in this area. The company has long offered employees luxury shuttles for getting to work, and now they’ve added electric scooters to the mix. The hope is that alleviating the stress of commuting will make returning to the office a more enticing option. Whether or not this particular measure proves effective, it demonstrates the creativity necessary to prepare for the future of hybrid work.

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