Strategies When Shifting to a Four-Day WorkWeek

Between pandemic-related disruptions and a wave of new technologies, the world of work has entered an especially dynamic phase. Working remotely, once a niche concept, has become a standard expectation for a large portion of the workforce. Virtual meetings are now common, and work-related travel has become less necessary than ever before. Amid all these changes, the idea of a four-day workweek is becoming especially prominent.

According to many experts, today’s workers can accomplish just as much in four days as they can in five. The shortened week makes employees happier, and they repay the company with better work. If you decide to adopt the four-day week for your own business, make sure you do it with these strategies in mind.

Focus on the Increased Resilience

A four-day workweek is an attractive option for most workers. When you give employees an extra day off, they’re likely to become happier and more loyal to your company. This means retentional will be easier and your company will become more resilient.

Give Your Employees a Full Week’s Pay

While it can be tempting to cut your employee’s pay in relation to the shortened work week, remember that doing so would undercut the benefits of the new schedule. When you only pay employees for four days of work, they’re likely to go looking for side hustles to fill the gap. This means they’ll be even more tired and overworked than they were before, and you’ll lose the increased productivity that the extra day of rest was meant to provide.

Take Operational Advantages Into Account

Slashing a work day from the week brings operational benefits beyond increased productivity. For one thing, your utility bills are sure to plummet. You’ll also conserve other resources like ink and paper. It turns out that streamlining the workweek leads to a more efficient operation in almost every sense.

Don’t Assume That Managers Will Object

While it’s easy to imagine managers objecting to the crunching of their schedules, many actually welcome the benefits that the four-day workweek provides. Managers work directly with employees, so they’re the first to appreciate increases in productivity and satisfaction.

Let Science Be Your Guide

Studies have shown that maintaining a high level of concentration is key to performing mental tasks. The five-day workweek asks too much of employees, forcing them to stay at their desks longer than they’d ever be able to maintain optimal levels of focus. When shifting to a shorter work week, evoke the latest research to defend your decision and get the doubters on board.

Adjust How You Measure Employee Output

For too long, businesses have obsessed over how many hours their employees spend working. Try to get past this mindset and focus instead on what your workers are actually producing.

Rethink How You Conduct Meetings

While meetings are great for getting team members on the same page, they’re often inefficient and time-consuming. To help your company fit its weekly agenda into just four days, try shortening meetings while capping the number of attendees.

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